Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Need Artizen Metal gifts now?

I've gotten a few phone calls from loyalists (i love you) needing early holiday gifts. My next official showing is Sunday, September 19th at the Chattanooga Market. I will have all new designs. I was in Memphis to drop off my Horn Island 26 work at MCA, and stopped by the National Ornamental Metal Museum. I thought they might want a few things for their gift shop. I was surprised and quite pleased that they took everything. So, if you are in Memphis and would like to purchase some Artizen Metal, you may do so at your convenience (according to the gift shop's hours). Be sure to make time to check out the exhibits and explore the grounds. It is a really wonderful place. As a metalsmith I have many great memories volunteering at the museum's Repair Days. Nothing like hanging out with your ilk. Fixin' stuff.

The cast iron gazebo on the bluff at the Metal Museum. Overlooking the Mississippi River.

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  1. What a beautiful view. Didn't realize the museum was on the river bluff.